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Welcome To Hastnirmit

Hastnirmit by brand of Meena Sharan Craft Designs aims to bridge the gap between beautiful crafts confined in rural India and potential market all over the world.

Who We Are

Hastnirmit is a for profit, ethical brand working for the upliftment of rural Indian handicrafts/handloom and artisans/weavers. We are a purely artisanal brand who is pleadged to bridge the gap between rural artisanmade products and customers all over the globe.

Our Products

We create crafts that are designed for the modern lifestyle with flavors of culture, innovation, technology and cause.

How We Work

We are working with rural clusters of India to solve the major problems faced by the artisans/weavers. We aspire to create a sustainable livelihood for the artisans associated with us.

Values and Goals

Why Hastnirmit -

100 % Artisanal

Crafts from authentic and traditional master artisans


Our products are environment friendly, socially and economically benificial

Value for Money

100 % genuine and quality checked products

Made in India

Made by karigars of Hastnirmit.com pan India


Meet Our Team

Late Meena Sharan
Founder & Admin
G. K. Sharan
Operations Head
Apurv Parijat
Co Founder & Creative Head